About Ordination

Today it has become much easier for women to receive ordination as a Bhikkhuni but still there are few nuns who can act as pavattini (a female preceptor) and few places where you can find your female teacher.

We aim to develop a strong Bhikkhuni Sangha with capable, learned and strong women a leaders and teachers. For the standing of Buddhism and the acceptance it is of utmost importance, that the women who will be ordained as Bhikkhunis are well trained in Dhamma and Vinaya, spend their lives practicing meditation, studying, developing their hearts in the brahmaviharas and later, as elders start to teach and train others.

Some of the most active pavattinis are Ayya Tathaaloka from Dhammadharini Monastery in the USA, Ayya Vijithananda from Sakyadhita Sri Lanka, Ayya Saddhasumana from Sri Lanka. For their monasteries please check this page.

The link below is a text written by Bhante Sujato about the topic Bhikkhuni ordination