Wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang

Wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang is a small monastery nestled in the Mae Pang mountains, in a small village of tea farmers, Baan Khun Pang, in the North of Chiang Mai, Amper Phrao, Thailand.
Wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang is a place where teachers like Ajahn Mun and Lompu Waen spent time practicing in the forested mountains. It is here that people say Ajahn Mun might have been striving for and achiving enlightenment. 
It is a perfect place for those who want to practice meditation and live a simple life.
Monastics and Laypeople alike are welcome to visit for meditation retreats.
Since about 150 years this monastery has been used as a place for deep practice of meditation, the few monastics being supported by the laypeople of the small, surrounding village. Interestingly, the place has been developed into a monastery mainly by women. Although it is frequented by tudong monks, it is inhabited and cared for by female monastics. Legend has it that a female deva is guarding the place.
The climate up here in the mountains of North Thailand is very agreeable, the air is cool and fresh, even when it is hot in the valley. In the months of the cold season temperatures can go down to 10° celcius, but the sun during daytime warms it up quickly. During the hot season temperatures rarely go higher than 30/35° celsius with most times a nice breeze cooling the meditator.
The Forest
The forest of the Mae Pang mountain is of old grown mixed trees with plenty of birds to watch and hear and sometimes a group of monkeys getting close. 
The Vihara
Our Vihara has been sponsored and founded by Mae Chii Quang, who lived at Khun Pang monastery before she returned to lay life several years ago.
The Food
A Place For Meditation
We live on almsfood given by the villagers. It is commonly rice with curries of greens that the forest provides. It is possible for visitors to cook their own food.
If you want to practice meditation in a place that looks exactly how the Buddha himself described the perfect place for striving: secluded, not noisy, supported with no danger around, not too hot and not too cold, this is it.
The Bell Tower
This beautiful bell tower building includes our kuti for visitors and is presently inhabited by a monk. This is the first you will see coming to the monastery.
The Lodgings
Presently we have 3 wooden kuties of simple standart, 4 more kuties are up the hill in the forest. They are excellent for meditation retreats but need to be rebuilt.
Daily Routine
Residents of Khun Pang Monastery
Residence of the monastery change. We have only 3 habitable huts and some 4 broken down Kutis in the forest, which are currently not inhabitable. 
This vassa, for the fist time 2 bhikkhunis ar living at Khun Pang monastery. We will have several visitors coming for meditation practice, starting from August.
The routine is very simple. We go on almsround every morning, do some chores to keep the place going after the meal and have then time for practice. At 5 pm we do evening chanting and then have time for more practice. Time for teaching are included at convenience.
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Wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang
Baan Khun Pang
Tambol Mae Pang
Amper Phrao
Chiang Mai, 50190